Squeeze Control

Using Squeeze Control with a Squeezebox Server

The following procedure is only necessary if your servers are not automatically discovered

This guide assumes that you have installed Squeezebox Server and have your Squeezebox players correctly working with it. The whole system must be fully working before you should attempt to use this app with it. Please refer any questions you have about setting up the Squeezebox System to Logitech. You can download Squeezebox Server here: http://www.mysqueezebox.com/download

1. Turn ON the Wifi on your device and make sure you're are connected to your Wifi router or access point. It is possible to make this work with a mobile data connection, but you will have to first setup your network correctly to allow external access to your Squeezebox Server. Instructions on how to do that are well beyond the scope of this guide.

2. On the computer where you installed Squeezebox Server, open a web browser and type in this address:


This will bring up the web interface of your Squeezebox Server and it should look something like this.

3. Click the settings link on the bottom right of the page.

4. This will bring up the settings page which should look something like this.

5. Click the Information tab on the top of the page.

6. This will bring up the information page which should look something like this.

7. In the Squeezebox Server Status section, find 'Server IP Address' and 'Server HTTP Port Number'. These are the address and port you will need to enter into the app. Your address and port will most likely be different than the ones in the picture.

8. Before you try the app, test your connection to the server by opening the browser on your device and entering this address:

http://(server ip address):(port)

with the server ip and port being the values you got from step 7. For example, with the info from the picture in step 7 the address will be:

This should bring up the web interface of the server, like you did in step 2. If this doesn't work then there is something wrong with either your deviec setup or your network setup. You will need to fix that before the app will work. One possible problem maybe that you have a firewall installed on your server and you will need to tell it to allow other computers access to the Squeezebox Server software.

9. Close the browser, launch the app, and go to the Preferences screen. You can do this by tapping the app menu on the top left of the screen and choosing the Preferences item.

10. Go to the Preferences screen and tap Servers.

11. Scroll to the bottom of the Servers screen and tap on 'Add Server' to create a New Server item, then tap on that item to bring you to the Server Info screen.

12. In the Server Info screen enter the address and port you got in step 7 into the appropriate fields. You can enter anything you want into the name field, it's just for identification and doesn't impact the connection in any way. Leave 'Use SSL' in Off. If you have enabled security on your Squeezebox server (not your Windows/Linux login, but the security feature of the server software), go the 'Security' section and select the Save Login box then enter the username and password into the appropriate fields. If you're not sure if security is enabled, do not enter anything in this section.

13. Go back to the Server screen using the back button. Make sure that Use Local Server is turned on and circle next to the server you just created is selected. Scroll up to the MySqueezebox.com section and make sure that Use MySqueezebox is turned off. You can enable this later if you want to connect to MySqueezebox.com. Exit Preferences, open the App Menu and tap 'Connect'