Squeeze Player (BETA)

A software Squeezebox Player for webOS devices


Squeeze Player is a software Squeezebox player built for the Touchpad and Pre3, but should work with older devices provided that the device meets certain requirements. This is a continuation of my Squeeze Control Player app, changing it from a PDK app to a hybrid app (plus a lot of bug fixes and internal improvements). This change finally allows the audio to continue playing while the app is in the background.

For the Pre/Pre+/Pre2/Veer

This will NOT work on the Pixi

This app is currently in beta. I'm releasing it right now because there is a demand for it and it should be stable enough for normal use. The existing design of the app is meant for debugging and does NOT reflect what the final design will be.

Features and limitations

This app is available in the App Catalog for the Pre3 and Touchpad. For older devices, you can download it here:

Download Current Version
Older versions

To install this on your device you will need this: WebOS Quick Install
This software uses the code of Libav licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here